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Abri-Let Anatomic booster Pad
Abena Logo: Abena adult diapers
Abri-Let Anatomic

  • Pads to be combined with special fitting underwear
  • Shipping in plain, unmarked boxes

Size chart (capacity in ounces, measures in inches)
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Size Product ID Length Width Absorbancy
no size 3002-15 15.6" 6.2" 16.9 oz

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Size Quantity
Abri-Let Anatomic (3002-15) 4 bags of 20
(Can$ 47.70)
(Can$ 0.60)
no size
Abri-Let Anatomic (3002-15) case of 240 (12 bags of 20)
(Can$ 105.70)
(Can$ 0.44)
no size