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Vinyl care information

Suprima Vinyl will not age rapidly provided you observe the following

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Avoid Vinyl contact with oil and fat. In particular, watch for body care products such as lotions, oils, cremes, ointments, skin sprays.
Avoid Vinyl contact with any fabric softeners.
Avoid machine wash and dryer
Avoid extended soaking in order to prevent water from entering welded seams through small, unavoidable wear and tear defect (takes forever to dry).
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
Note: Yellow X is more resilient to oils and urine - but NOT resistant. Exposure of Yellow X to oils will cause it to age - just a little slower than the other materials.
Regularly rinse the used pants with warm water. Alternately, very briefly immerge the pants is warm water. Use of a very soft detergent or soap is recommended, provided it is rinsed off thoroughly.
In cases of diseases (skin, infections, digestive system, genitals...) or open wounds, thorough use of soap is strongly recommended. But do avoid lengthy soaking for the reasons listed above.